ASDebugger -- App Network Monitor for iOS

Remote debugging network requests, effortlessly Mock Data, Intergrated easily with iOS


1. Get an Appkey

Sign up for free and than you could register an App you want to track, click here to Sign Up (it's free) after it will guide you to show how to register an App step by step

2. Using Cocoapods integrated

ASDebugger is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'ASDebugger'

* Warning: Make sure the settings is only running on the Debug environment. so the suggestion is:

pod 'ASDebugger', :configurations => ['Debug']

* Or you could manually Install without Pods

Download the framework of ASDebugger , put it into your projects


Quick Start

Import ASDebugger header file

switch to
import ASDebugger

In general, we put the initialized code in the AppDelegate class method of didFinishLaunchingWithOptions.

ASDebugger.start(withAppKey: "Your AppKey", secret: "translation missing: en.your applied AppSecret")

after all network requesting will go through THERE (we call it NetworkFetcher), you can inspect all requests detail over there.

Mock Data

Dynamic load

Select API you want to mock in the Network Observer

Click "set to device" on right button

if everything is going well, you will see the Mock is running now.

Manually load Mock

Specific request response via Mock Data

  1. go to Network Fetchers and choice what mock request you want, click the Mock button, and than you will be redirect to Mock Data API creating page to generate a dummy response
  2. after created succssfully, copy the API resource address, i.e: user/profile
  3. Modify initialize code :
ASDebugger.shared().enableMock(withPath: "user/profile")

relaunch your App, and than all the API request will use what you created mock data as a response return. you can also change your Mock data content to debugging


a make reqest could be redirect to a specific address

ASDebugger.shared().enableMock(withPath: "user/profile", mockUrl: "")

Advanced Usage

1. Open or Close tracking


2. Enable or disable Mocking


3. initialized with App key only. you could open it manually

ASDebugger.initWithAppKey("Your AppKey", secret:@"translation missing: en.your applied AppSecret")

you will see more configuration in the ASDebugger interface header file


  1. Sorry for provides the back-end codes to build a local server. because the back-end server codes has not been finish yet. it still need to be improve. so let me know what your need. any feedback would be greatly appreciated !
  2. the SDK provides iOS native network moduels which includes NSURLSession or 3rd libs like AFNetwork or SDWebImage . but it doesnt support ASIHttpRequest yet, because the ASI used their private protocol to handle network request, so far i have no time to adopt it yet.

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